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Our mission

We’re working towards a world where everyone can thrive in a fast-changing environment.


Why our society is failing at tackling burnout

With burnout numbers increasing rapidly each year, the mental health of our working population has become a major challenge for today’s society.

Simultaneously, investments in healthcare for burnout prevention are rising – but without the anticipated outcome.

So, why aren't we able to put a real and lasting end to this epidemic? At Ally Institute, we believe that the root of this problem lies in the way people are tackling stress.


When we start to look at stress differently

As a society, we have the tendency to perceive stress as something harmful and undesirable – something one should fight against.

But what if we turn this paradigm around? Although prolonged stress can definitely be toxic for our body, not everything about stress is bad. At its core, stress is just a biological signal of the brain, a compass to help us focus and perform better.

So, instead of fighting stress, we should embrace stress signals before they become disabling – and turn them into opportunities to build our resilience.


Based on our biological signalling function of stress, Ally Institute has developed two unique scientific methods in order to prevent and treat burn-out more efficiently.

The first one, Stresscrafting®, facilitates resilience and treats people with toxic stress at the workplace, by teaching them how to stand strong with stress.

Our second method, Insourcing®, helps burnout-patients return to work by offering treatment of stress-related disorders, (re)orienting people and facilitate the work resumption process.

Both neurobiological methods are backed by vast research and have proven themselves successful in various business applications. Our data shows that once trained and/or treated, people are even more resilient than their peers.

In essence, Stresscrafting® and Insourcing® share the same goal: reaching allostasis. In this state of being, people can flourish in any circumstance – a state of being which is closely linked to today’s society and working environments.

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About Ally Institute

Ally Institute was founded in 2019 on the initiative of Elke Van Hoof. The Institute strives for a society in which everyone can be the best version of themselves, regardless of unpredictable circumstances. In order to achieve this, we’re managing, developing and distributing our comprehensive, science-driven and effective methods.

Meet our founder Elke Van Hoof

After conducting years of research, having treated numerous patients and building a vast amount of business expertise, Elke Van Hoof founded Ally Institute in 2019 in order to change the way we look at stress.