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Our approach

Ally Institute develops scientific, integrated and effective methods to build resilient minds.


Born from years of scientific research

In order to efficiently prevent and treat burnout and deal with work-related challenges, Ally Institute developed Stresscrafting® and Insourcing®. These scientifically based and comprehensive training methods teach people how to embrace stress, listen to its signalling function and act proactively at different levels of stress.

Today, Stresscrafting® and Insourcing® and its solutions are closely monitored, modified and enriched at Ally Institute, through continuous scientific research on stress and its neurobiological function. Ally Institute also provides training for professionals to ensure that both methods are applied precisely and that their impact on society is maximized.


Constantly improved by feedback loops

The theoretical framework and its solutions don’t remain dead letter, they’ve also been – and are still being – applied in numerous real business and team contexts.

The built-in feedback loops allow learnings from the workplace, to flow back to Ally Institute. Moreover, these loops provide continuous real-world evidence.

The figures are proof: of the burnout patients who were treated with the solutions of Ally Institute, 70% went back to work after treatment, and patients returned to work after an average of 92 days. Fewer than 1% of them have relapsed over the last two years.

Approved Ally label

Endorsing our ‘Approved Allies’

Our mission is to implement our ideas on a large scale. We are building ecosystems of practitioners, companies and coaches who apply our method world-wide.

Other entities who would like to apply Ally Institute-knowledge in practice, may therefore qualify for the label “Ally-approved”’.

Carriers of this label were given confidence by the Ally Institute to use the theories, tools and models developed by Ally Institute in their own coaching and practices.

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