Stress is not our enemy

Ally Institute is a nonprofit organization on a mission to fundamentally shift the current paradigm on stress.

We want the world to stop fighting stress

Not everything concerning stress is negative. Stress helps us evolve. Ally Institute aims to create a world where we embrace stress as our biological ally. Instead of considering it as our enemy, we should allow stress to help us build our resilience.

Applying the science behind a resilient mind

Ally Institute wants to transform the way we think about stress and help more people thrive in a fast changing world. Herefore, we manage, develop and distribute Stresscrafting® and Insourcing®; two integrated, science-driven methods with proven effectiveness in the workplace.

Meet our founder Elke Van Hoof

After conducting years of research, having treated numerous patients and building a vast amount of business expertise, Elke Van Hoof founded Ally Institute in 2019 in order to change the way we look at stress.